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A happy life is a balance of healthy body and stable mind. In today’s hectic lifestyles, there is not much time to concentrate on your health. Moreover, in this ‘Era of junk food and stressful working environment’, our body is becoming a victim of cosmopolitan diseases like obesity, sleeping sickness and other major health and mental diseases. Dash Clinic is a dedicated endeavor to inculcate healthy living habits in the society.

Dash Clinic is a trusted center offering health related services. In current competitive world, your physical personality is as important as your interpersonal skills. Healthy body automatically leads to confident personality. Dash Clinic implements a 3D approach of Diet management, medical Yoga and Homeopathy for offering effective services to the customers. Our USP is individual attention. We have specifically structured our services that offer tailor-made treatments involving time flexibility, continuous monitoring and medical supervision on regular basis.

Our Various Programms

Weight Loss
Platinum Includes proven 3D Approach of Diet, Yoga and Homeopathy
Gold Day to day.. Yoga and diet consultancy
Silver Only Diet or Yoga
Health and Nutrition
PCOS & Fertility Special Includes Special Proven Exercise schedule and homeopathy treatment
Immunity Booster Includes Special diet plans and Homeopathy
Asthma Special Includes pranayam and special Homeopathy treatment
Spodylities Includes special proven exercise schedule
Special Programs
Body toning and Curves Includes special exercise schedule and Diet
Skin and Glow Includes special facial exercise schedule and Diet
Stress management Includes homeopathy and special techniques by calculating stress levels
Yoga in pregnancy Includes trimester wise typical exercise schedule
Kids Special Includes Flexibility and memory enhancement programs

Typical Diet plans

We generate specific diet plans with entire schedule of intake 1200 kcal Vegetarian Diet plan…

Diet Plan For 1400 Kcal Vegetarian

  • CHO 63% =882/4 kcal =220.5 gm
  • FAT 22% = 308/9 kcal =34.2 gm
  • PROTEIN 15% = 210/4 kcal = 52.5 gm
CEREAL 5.5 165 121 13.7 2.75 550
PULSE 2 60 34 14 1 200
MILK & MILK PRODUCT 1.1/4 450ml 20.5 11.2 0.5 128.7
VEG 2 200 20.4 5.6 - 110.4
FRUITS 1 80-100 12.5 - - 50
SOYABEAN 1 23 5 10 4.5 100
NUTS 1/2 8 1.7 1.5 4.2 50
OIL 4 4tsp - - 20 180
SUGER 2 2tsp 10 - - 40
Total cal 225 56 33 1409
CHO=64%    PROTIENS=16%    FATS=21%